Iwetta Dziewiałtowska-Gintowt : Lolo

Autor: Iwetta Dziewiałtowska-Gintowt
Výstavní soubor za 2. ročník
Vedoucí: Rafał Milach
Oponent: Neuveden
Inventární číslo:
Rok: 2017

In the late 60`s Krakow was terrorized by a serial killer, who eventually appearad to be a teenage boy named Karol Kot. He usually attacked children and lonely women praying in a church . He was always stabbing his victims the with a bayonet, attacking from the back. To protect their lives, people wore pot`s lids, cushions,wooden and metal boards on their backs. The title of the series, Lolo, is the abbreviation of Karol, Charles. The legend of these times is still alive in Krakow. My project is still ongoing and it will have a form of a book. Apart from the portraits, the project also consists of archival materials. (here, Karol Kot`s brain EEG).